RE:HOPE  Church (‘regarding hope’)  was first launched in the West End of Glasgow in January 2005.  Learning first of all to trust in God through prayer, the church has seen Him work in bringing many to know Jesus and growing the congregation.

Brian Ingraham, Pastor of RE:HOPE remembers reading the book of Acts, at a time when he was discouraged that the church was not growing here in Glasgow. After a few hours of reading he was deeply struck that it wasn’t one leader praying in order to see things change, but it was about the believers praying together.  So that night he prayed, laying his heart out before God.  “Father, two years and I have never once seen anyone become a Christian.  Do you still do that here?  Father, I want to see someone dedicate their life to you soon…”

The next day at church, two people dedicated their lives to Jesus.  One is now training for ministry and the other is still growing at Re:Hope.  For the next 7 weeks people were dedicating their lives to Jesus Christ.  The day we began to pray together, we saw God begin to move.

As a people committed to the Word, birthed in answered prayer, we continue to be a living testimony that God still hears prayers and that God is still moving in Glasgow, and in Scotland.

Come and see what is happening.   Hope to see you soon!