Healthy Marriages

At RE:HOPE we want the relationships within our congregation to be the healthiest they can be.  We know that takes intentional effort which is why we’re using PREPARE-ENRICH, a course designed to equip and strengthen your relationship.

The PREPARE-ENRICH program is a 6 week, individually-tailored course that you and your partner go through supported by the coaching and counseling of one of our staff members.  It is not just for engaged couples nor only for those who are struggling in their marriages… it’s for every married couple and any couple thinking about getting married.

Completing (online) a well-researched inventory provides a details snapshot of your relationship. Then by walking through the results together we can help you build on your strengths and learn skills to help  improve in areas which present more of a challenge.

If you are already married or are in a relationship where you are beginning to contemplate marriage we encourage you to sign up!!

For more details email the RE:HOPE office: