New to Faith

Recently become a Christian?  We're thrilled for you and we'd love to help you get off to the best possible start in your new faith. 

Ask someone to pray for you

If you know someone who is a Christian, ask them to pray for you and bless you.  If you can't think of someone we'd love to pray for you.

Tell a friend

There's so much power and joy in telling people your amazing news.  

Try Alpha

Alpha is a great way to explore the basics of the Christian faith and find answers to your questions.

At Re:Hope we host Alpha courses twice per year across our locations and online.

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Bible Read Through

When you're starting out with the Bible, it really helps to have other people supporting you.

Spending time reading the Bible for yourself is a great way to discover more about God and how to love Him back.

Bible Read Through groups work like a book club.  Each week we read, meet together to talk about what we noticed. 

Pre-service Prayer

Each Sunday before our services we meet together to pray in 30-60 second bursts for ourselves, our church, our city and our nation.

One of our elders and a pastor lead pre-service prayer: if you're new to prayer this is a great place to learn.

Listen or watch again

Each week Re:Hope's teaching is available for re-listening where you find your podcasts or to watch on YouTube.


If you've recently decided to follow Jesus, it's time to think about baptism - baptism is a first thing thing.