Day 10 - Evening Psalm

A Psalm of Thanksgiving and Resting

Father you are good in all your ways

You protect and defend me night and day

I am amazed by your kindness and there is never a moment of my day that escapes your

attention and care

Freedom and peace is found in your presence, in the nature of who you are

You have set me with you alongside your throne in heaven

My identity is secure in you because you have loved me

Show me your heart and teach me your ways, that I may surrender to you and follow you every day of my life

Take me deeper into who you are and further into your purposes for me

I trust you and worship you, not for what you do ,but what you have done

Your sacrifice is proof that you have loved me

My soul finds rest in the reality of your finished work

I am complete in you


Stewart Long

Re:Hope West End

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