Day 11 - Evening Psalm

A Psalm of Thankfulness for the Lord's daily presence!

Lord it’s your presence that is saving

How can I draw near and live there

I choose to see your favour today

Let your promises ring clear

As I rise I wake up to your endless day

So thankful for your unmovable nature

Almighty God I enter into your communion today.

This Holy place is where I live

With you Almighty God is where I want to dwell.

In faith I laugh as old hopes wobble

Security, wisdom, joy and peace you alone have given.

The modern world has a power addiction,

It loses charge, is lost or stolen or gets replaced some year.

Yet you O Lord endure forever,

Creator of all things

You play with planets and galaxies unseen.

Come and see is my only thought,

Come near us all I can think about.

Never let me be drawn away,

For what; copper, metal, microchip of gizmo?

You’ll be there in the End,

I choose to live with that now.

I rejoice today because my God reigns,

Come and see, do a deal you’ll never forget.

Now I’ve entered, let me feel your grip,

Tighten Lord, be in full view.

I stand today as your son,

What other keys do I need?


David Crawford

Re:Hope West End

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