Day 14 - Evening Psalm

In our darkest hour, in our pain,

You are God heaven, still upon your throne

In the midst of chaos and confusion,

You are God almighty, defender and protector

In our trials and tribulations,

In our anxiousness and fear

Amidst lies and disappointments,

Missed expectations and broken dreams

We have a great high priest who intercedes for us,

A God who hears our prayers and promises to answer

He sent his only son, who died for us,

and rose again victorious, the darkness overcome

See my hearts desire,

Forgive my sinful ways

I lay these down before you,

Trustworthy and faithful friend

God you have my heart, you have my life,

I will worship you, forever on your throne

God you are my light, you are my hope,

The darkness will not overcome it, an everlasting hope

God before me, God behind me,

God beside me, light and guide


Victoria Thompson

Re:Hope West End

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