Day 17 - Evening Psalm

When I was covered in darkness and sorrow I cried out to you,

I did not stay quiet in my pain.

You saw my sorrow and grief,

You saw that my heart was broken,

God you are good,

Your goodness is obvious and clear.

I couldn't see a way forward,

My path was obscured and blurred,

I knew you would help so I prayed,

You always answer my prayers,

God you are faithful,

Your loyalty has no end.

My feet were slipping and sliding,

I was afraid of falling,

In faith I asked you to save me,

To reach down and pick me up,

God you are strong,

You are like the mountains or the raging sea.

I was in deep water, way above my head,

Water cascaded over my head and dragged me down,

In desperation I thrust my hands towards heaven,

I hoped you would grab me and save me,

God you are love,

Your love abounds and covers me like a shield,

I find comfort and peace in you.


May Hughes

Re:Hope West End

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