Day 18 - Morning Psalm

My soul it yearns for Your peace and rest O Lord,

I need the restoration I know only You can give,

I need a safe place to lay my head.

You hear my cries in my dark and empty place,

Lord you hear the words I cannot even find the voice to say,

You listen to the cries of my heart.

You replenish the empty pit in me that no one else can reach.

Freely you give and restore me with an all encompassing love .

The lonely place inside me sees Your light,

When the path ahead seems daunting and dim I look for You,

You keep my head above water when I am drowning.

You sustain and cover me with your Grace.

You are my source of Light in the darkness.

At my weakest I kneel to sing your praises still,

At my best I jump to pray with thankfulness.

All I am desires to worship You.

You are the way, the truth and the life .

You are the restorer of my soul.

My perfect peace.


Sarah Kirk

Re:Hope Southside

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