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God has answered so many of our (Fraser and I) prayers over these past 3 months. I have never known a time in my life when God has answered so many prayers immediately through His word. I will tell you one very direct answer to a prayer I prayed at the end of May.

We have been in a very difficult and unexpected situation that forced us to leave the church we had been attending and serving in for about 28 years (for me) and about 37 years for Fraser. Fraser felt very strongly that we had to leave and God has spoken to him very clearly through the Bible and also to his heart.

I wasn’t quite so certain, but in the middle of the grief and distress of the situation there was a place of peace in my heart when I agreed with Fraser.

A week after the situation had arisen, we were in the car and I was praying:

“God you know my heart, my sadness and grief. You know I love my church as a people and as Your work, but it seems you are asking us to leave. I have asked for a word that says ‘stay’ but You haven’t spoken that word to me. Please could you give me a verse that makes it very clear to me.”. Within 1 minute on my watch popped up the ‘verse for today’ from the Bible app. It said “therefore, GO…” Matt 28 v 19.

I couldn’t read beyond GO as I was stunned by the immediate and direct answer to prayer. It came with a certainty and sense of change and adventure — and immense kindness from a God who sees, knows and loves.


Carolyn Speirs

Re:Hope West End


Look back and remember how God has been speaking to you over the last 19 days. If you need to hear Him on a particular topic, ask again today!


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