Day 19 - Evening Psalm

The things I've heard about You are true, God

In my own life, You have shown yourself to be the Lord God almighty

When I was a child, You found me and told me who You were

I knew I was lost but I didn't know that You even existed

In my family Your name was just a swear word

None of us showed You any respect at all

But You loved me already

You showed me in the sound of the deep grey pounding sea that You are forever.

In the smell of the snow, I recognised Your beauty, creator God

You are so generous

You said "Open a Joint Account with Me. Bring your pennies and I'll bring my millions"

And I have brought hardly anything at all

But You have given everything

Every single good thing in my life is from You and I thank You for it.

There has been a lot of loss, Lord and I've been turned inside-out

But You never, ever left - always underneath

Because of Your kindness, You have done wonderful things

Because of Your goodness, You have poured out blessings

When my marriage exploded You kept me right next to You

You picked me up off the floor and helped me do the next day

And then, You remade our marriage, piece by piece - How did You do that?

I was afraid that because of our stumbling, our children would walk away from You

But you promised they would write Your name on their hands and they have.

My hair all fell out and I felt ashamed, but you lifted my head and put a smile on my face

And then, amazingly, my hair grew back - How did You do that?

I've asked for healing for my back and ankles and I still have pain every day

But You're still God and I know You will carry me because You've said You will

You have poured out mercies on my sometimes beat-up life and I will praise You. Always



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