Day 20 - Morning Psalm

The Fog

Lord, I don’t understand what’s going on

I prayed to you but can’t get clarity

I hoped in you Father, I trusted you

And yet things did not turn out how I prayed

I thought you were on my side?

I thought you fought for me?

I thought those who trust in you would never be put to shame?

Why have you not rewarded my hard work and effort?

Why have you allowed me to be overlooked?

Why have you allowed men to ride over me?

Unanswered prayer quenches my faith

The silence of heaven makes me go silent

I see my own sin, I feel myself stumble

In the midst of the fog, I slow down, but don’t want to stop

I know you are faithful, I know you are good

I know that you love me, you’ve shown me before

Show your power again, in my life and my struggles

I still hope in you, I know you are good

Let your love, your grace, and your mercy pour down on me


Segun Komolafe

Re:Hope West End

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