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DAY 21

Ever since Easter Sunday I started experiencing bad headaches on a Sunday morning when I was in the sanctuary. I would leave church grumpy, heavy and need to go home to rest. It was a pain that was very specific to my right eye and would often start about two songs into the first worship set and always before the sermon started.

I asked my Bible Read Through group for prayer and we agreed to specifically pray while in the building. During the prayer time God highlighted a need to release any weight or burden that I was carrying. The pain behind my eye eased slightly and I left church that week feeling much lighter.

A couple of weeks later at Kingdom Come, during a response time I had an amazing picture from God. Jesus lifted a heavy weighted jacket off my shoulders, and I felt a physical weight lift. But he didn’t stop there, he just kept removing heavy jackets until I physically felt so free. So much tension that I had been carrying was gone.

Five minutes later I suddenly felt the pain behind my right eye return. Immediately I knew that this was an attack and declared out loud that the pain was not welcome AND IT WENT! If anyone saw me that evening, I was pure buzzing!!

The next day, I suddenly started having the worst jaw and tooth pain on the right hand side of my face. It took me until Sunday morning to realise that the pain and tension had left my eye and seemed to have traveled to my jaw. The dentist was convinced I might need antibiotics or my wisdom tooth removed quicker than expected. I went for prayer ministry and again we rebuked the pain and it eased!

Through this, God has given me a lot more confidence in my prayer, to rebuke sore heads and toothache which I may have previously just accepted and a reminder to “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”


Claire Young

Re:Hope Southside


Are you (or do you know someone who is) experiencing pain in any part of your/their body? Ask the Holy Spirit how He would have you pray for healing today.


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