Day 22 - Evening Psalm

In the morning I know Your mercies

It’s a new dawn and I feel Your care

I love you Lord as I start a fresh day

I breathe in Your help as I set out with You

In the midday I work with the strength You give

Your Spirit inspires in the work You provide

I try to listen to Your nudges to love those around me

You shepherd my thoughts to where there is need

In the afternoon frustrations and weakness are close

As the day goes on anxieties and weariness can creep in

Keep me anchored in Your faithful love

I can draw near to You, You are not far off

In the evening I give thanks for Your many blessings

As the day ends I say ‘You are so good!’

Insecurities and worries may discourage in the night

Fear will try to bring me down in darkness

But at midnight I will cast my cares on You

In the quiet hours I rest because You are for me


Kellie Ingraham


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