Day 22 - Morning Psalm

Lord, I am uncertain about the decisions I've made,

I'm confused about which path to take.

I lie awake feeling stressed and overwhelmed,

I feel the weight and burden on my mind.

I know you are there,

Help me cast this on you.

I know this decision is important,

I know you care and will respond.

I rest in the uncertainty,

I wait for you to move.

I trust you will give me clarity,

Give me peace as I wait for you.

I need your help, guidance and wisdom,

I want to know your thoughts and plans for my life.

Please show me, so that I can act in your ways,

That can follow your lead whole heartedly.

I listen for your wise counsel,

I know that you're not silent.

I want to feel peace and certainty,

A peace only you can bring.

I commit my decision to you,

And seek to glorify you through any outcome.

Answer my desperate prayers,

I am ready to hear and follow your voice.

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