Day 24 - Evening Psalm

A Psalm of Thanksgiving

Lord I’ve known people inconstant, cruel, disappointing –

but You my God are faithful, constant, and true.

In this world I’m told I’m not good enough, ugly, worthless.

Beloved Father, You set down words of love for me, telling me I’m moulded in Your image - beautiful.

I praise You Almighty I Am, who moulded my heart and gave me life.

I thank you for teaching me my worth.

So often I stand like a lone reed in a desert.

You are the earth in which I am rooted.

You nourish and give me life.

You are my strength and sustenance.

No-one is ever alone who rests in the arms of the Father.

Blessed are those known and loved by You!

In these days I can’t always sing aloud to You

But Father, my worship of You thunders within me like a surging ocean.

I’m sorry that like the currents of the seas I am fickle.

Yet Father you have never failed me.

Your forgiveness never ends.

You are my anchor, my strength, and my hope.

Without you I flounder.

Forgiveness unbounding you sacrificed Your Son.

I praise You for Your unfathomable love.

With gratitude I will love my neighbour as You have loved me and pray your forgiveness and blessing on those who’ve hurt me.

All are loved by you.

My Lord and my master I will follow you all the days of my life.

Author of the Universe who numbered the hairs on my head I will praise you.


Heather Robertson

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