Day 25 - Evening Psalm

Lord, You are never too busy to hear my cry. Your eyes are over me, And Your ears are open to hear my cry. Night and day, when others sleep, You are listening. Then You are guiding the sun, moon and stars. When I’m too weak to follow You, You say, “Just hold on.” You don’t expect any more. You are more gracious than words express. “My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Is what I hear; that’s what I need! When I am at my weakest, That’s when I am most strong, Because the strength is not mine, it’s Yours! That’s why I’m safe trusting in You. You are the only true God, The great God Almighty. Creator of the Universe, And involved in the tiniest detail Of what happens to me.

Therefore I praise You; Therefore I run with You, To go wherever You are going. Hand in hand, And I will not fear!


Jane Hird

Re:Hope West End

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