Day 26 - Evening Psalm

Why is life so fragile?

Here today, gone tomorrow.

Death seems to target at random

Yesterday present, today a memory

How fragile it can be.

Why do I dwell in the past?

Death teaches that life is fleeting

I'm barely here, in the present.

Time doesn't wait around

And the future so easily draws you in

How death only wants to steal

To destroy and to kill

Yet this I call to mind

You have come to give life

And life to the fullest.

A slave to sin, I am no more

I give up my life, to finally live

Give us today, this very day

As to live is Christ, and to die is gain

I freely walk, no longer bound by chains.

Now, O death where is your sting?

The grave is conquered, Jesus is king

The resurrection has changed the story

Your suddenness exchanged for eternity

O death where is your victory?


Jordan Bull

Re:Hope Southside

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