Day 27 - Evening Psalm

You provided for me when I felt there was no way forward;

you led me down a clear path I could not see.

When the councils of the nations falter, you are strong.

No one can compare to your might.

Your ways are so far beyond my understanding,

your love is a sure blessing.

All my days I will declare your goodness and faithfulness to me;

may my voice never go silent of praising your name.

I will follow your paths with delight, my God,

for I know they will lead me through the wilderness.

I will love with the strength you've given me

to share the blessings you've lavished upon me.

You, O Lord, are eternal and sure.

Nothing can come close to you.

Let thankfulness be my song each morning,

and may notes of joy never cease to fall from my lips.

For the Lord my God has saved me forever.

He is my salvation, my father, my eternal God.


Tim Ness

Re:Hope West End

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