Day 4 - Evening Psalm

My Lord, my Saviour and King,

I stand, and all around me I see chaos, distress, tears and fear.

Everywhere I look I see reasons to weep, to scream, to feel hopeless and weak.

But then I look to You,

And I see Your beauty, glory, love and mercy.

I see Your power, Your protection, provision and care.

I stand in awe and cry not because of my sorrows and disappointments,

but because I am overwhelmed and amazed by Your love and all the blessings that You lavished upon me.

I stand and I am filled with the confidence and strength that only You can give,

the joy that only Your presence can provide.

In You, Lord, I am content,

I have everything I need, I am at peace.

Because Your promises never fail.

They never have and they never will.

You always fight the battles that I see and don’t see.

You always provide for me in tangible and intangible ways.

Your presence follows me, whether I see it or not.

I can rest even when the battles are right in front of me,

for I know that You are my shield and protection.

You are my rock and my strength.

Therefore I lack nothing.

I might not see the future,

but I can see Your heart.

The days to come do not frighten me,

because You are right here with me.

I can’t do nothing but praise You and lift Your name high because of who You are and for all that You do.

You hold the world in the palm of Your mighty hand.

In You I am secure.

I love You Lord and I surrender my life to You.

I am strong and unshaken, because You never leave me nor forsake me.

I am chosen by You, I am loved by You.

The wounds in Your hands will always prove that.

Therefore, Your love is enough for me.


Margarita Golubova

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