Day 5 - Morning Psalm

Relieve my heart from this ache

Don’t leave me in my anguish

You see what no one else does

The hidden thoughts only known by you

I want to hear from you God

I am desperate to hear your voice

You say ask, so I ask

You say seek, so I seek

You say knock, so I knock

Help me, heal me, restore me

Do not delay

Like the moon in the sky on a sunny day

Appear in unexpected ways

Remind me of your deep love for me

Your faithfulness that never changes

Fill me with joy and hope

To delight in the presence of my King

I look to the future

Your firm promise is true

Let the whole world know you are trustworthy

Remind creation of your unwavering help

I will sing jubilantly when you answer me

Songs of praise will burst forth from my mended heart

Turn broken into beautiful

Renew me from within


Mairi Davidson

Re:Hope West End

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