Day 6 - Morning Psalm

Daily I’m provoked and I struggle to remain in you

I come out of one battle only to find myself in another

Yet when I call for help you always have a solution

A divine idea to recover from the mess and grace to implement it

I feel overwhelmed with the bitterness in her words

In a sea of despair, I am tempted to shut down

But You place me on a rock I can stand up on

You don’t leave me to drown when I call to you for help

How long Lord will I have to fight these constant battles?

How long before you rescue us and bring us out of this place?

Your words are like a soothing balm to my soul

They restore to me peace and joy

Surely the future will be better than the present

For Your words are mighty for bringing down strongholds

I will keep speaking aloud your promises

I will believe what you have spoken

I will see the Red Sea part as I move forward in faith

You will not abandon us here when we’re looking to you


Jill Ruddell

Re:Hope West End

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