Day 8 - Evening Psalm

You are the steadfast love through all of time.

You have always been faithful in your love - my Father, my Shepherd and my God.

The eyes of your heart forever pour Light, Love, Hope...

Even when I doubt - you stay the same.

No matter how I feel - your love, therefore hope, is always close.

When dark fog covers the eyes of my heart and I can’t feel you -

still you choose to wrap your loving arms around me.

As a shepherd watches his beloved lambs - you keep me and protect me.

When I have sunk to crawling through the fog-filled valley,

Where fog shouts shame and no way forward, no way up, mud and mire

Straining for vision, for light, for hope.

Yet still Shepherd Father is so close.

How did I find myself in this dark valley again?

Have I lowered your stalwart gifts of defence; your weaponry and help of Shield and Sword?

Have the fiery darts been too many?

Have I turned my face away from you?

Have I looked inward and to others who can never hold me secure?

Have I tried to bear heavy burdens never intended for me to carry...

Yet you bear so easily.

The stifled yet crystal clear voice speaks,

“Remember who I AM. What do I promise?

Bring to mind what I have done. Look at my Son.

Remember I am your Shepherd and the Potter who shapes.

I AM sufficient for you”

In the dark, fog-filled valley I stop straining and striving. Straining for where? Striving for what?

I let go I lie down I wait I weep I wait

Your arms still around me. You see me. You are close.

On the ground in the fog-filled valley,

the beloved sheep of your field,

they are ready to reach out.

You remind me who you are by their love - your love.

I am lifted, while the fog ebbs and vision dawns.

My Shepherd Father is forever patient.

When your time is right,

Your light and spectacular steadfast love break through.

You lift my eyes. You strengthen my weak knees.

You are sufficient in my weakness.

I will look to you. I will wait in your love. I will rest in your defence.

My hope is in you. I am ready in your hands.

You are the steadfast love through all of time.

You have always been faithful in your love, my Father, my Shepherd and my God.


Laura Muirhead

Re:Hope Royston

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