Friday 13 April

Jehosaphat was afraid and he resolved to seek the Lord. Then he proclaimed a fast for all Judah

2 Chronicles 20: 3


The armies gathered and were closing in. Jehosaphat was afraid; of the size of their army, what weapons they might have, how quickly they would arrive, how much stronger they would be. He had the fear.

We have all felt the fear, right? Lump in throat, heart racing, palms sweaty, can not move, can not breathe. When it feels like life is against you and your situation is too big, too terrifying, you can not do it. When the what ifs and the unknowns are so vast that you can not see where God could possibly take you in it. We feel it. We are afraid.

Take note; Jehosaphat was afraid but he resolved to seek the Lord. We can not let the first part of this statement be true for us, without striving for the second part to be true also. We can all feel the fear. However, from there we need to resolve to seek God in the situation.


‘Firm determination to do something’

Is there a situation just now that seems too big and too terrifying? A battle you know you cannot win on your own? Be firmly determined to seek God in this situation. Remember God is here with you. When it feels like the battle is too big, when the army is gathered and they seem so much stronger, remember who God is. He is for you. He is with you. He is a God who sees you. He is a God who intervenes. Keep seeking Him, keep asking for His protection, His help, His revelation.


In his firm determination to seek God, Jehoshaphat proclaimed a fast for all of Judah. He was afraid, crying out to God in His distress. He needed God to hear him, he needed God to intervene, he needed God’s help. So often in the Bible we see people humble themselves in prayer and fasting at times when they really need to hear from God or they need God to move in a situation.

Consider fasting about an area of your life where you really need God’s help and intervention. Jehosaphat called the whole nation of Judah to fast with him; strength in numbers. Ask someone else to fast with you; friends, family, your read through group. Oh, and put it in your diary now - Re:Hope whole church fast, January 2019 - get involved!

I was afraid and I resolved to seek the Lord

  • Cry out to God in your situation, about your fear, about your distress.

  • Seek Him in prayer for your situation and ask for His help quickly.

  • Remember who He is. Spend time remembering specific times He has protected you and delivered you. Thank Him for His help. Remembering who God is and His faithfulness to you will help you to stand firm in your determination to seek Him in amongst the fear.

  • Consider fasting for your situation and think about who you might ask to join you.

Jamie Crooks


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