Monday 16 April

The moment they began their shouts and praises, the LORD set an ambush against the Ammonites, Moabites, and the inhabitants of Mount Seir who came to fight against Judah, and they were defeated.

2 Chronicles 20:22

This verse sounds like victory. But it was a victory that the people had to wait for. I love the attitude that the people show by their action of their shouts of praise.


The people are still facing an insurmountable problem. God has spoken to them about victory, but when they chose to walkout and face their enemies, He still has not delivered. Sometimes we feel like we are outnumbered and things look hopeless. The enemy can have us in a vulnerable position where there is a chance to attack our faith. He would love nothing more than to weaken our faith and convince us that we can not trust God.

Here, the people, by their shouts of praise, stand in defiance to their enemies. Their trust in God’s deliverance is not diminished. Aligning your heart to God as you pray can protect our hearts from those doubts that the enemy would love to put in you mind as you wait for definitive answers or for God to intervene.

Stand in defiance to the devil by starting your prayers with praising God. Look through the prayers you have written down this season, or even further into your life, and praise God for His answers and intervention. He has done it before; He can do it again.


It is not an accident that God chose the very moment that they started to praise Him to act decisively. God chooses those moments of worship to move, to speak to us, to reveal truth, or to intervene. It happens so often.That is not why we worship, it is just something God does because He is good to us.

Aligning our hearts with God in praise as we pray is not just a way to resist the devil, but it is us demonstrating our hope in God. As you pray today, listen to a favorite worship song - especially one that focuses on God’s victory (search “rehopebelfast” on Spotify for a great collection). Focus on the lyrics, and pray through any lyrics that really stand out to you.

How long, Lord?

The Bible is full of examples of when God’s people had to wait for answers to their prayers, but like in this example, God answers. Perhaps you are walking through something right now where you have been praying for a long time for God to intervene. Perhaps you can think of a time in your life like that. Do not lose heart and do not lose hope. Reflect on the times in your life when you had to wait to see an answer.

Recommit yourself to trusting God in His timing for deliverance and answering your prayers, ask God, “How long?” Finish your prayer time today by pleading with God for His intervention by declaring why He should answer your prayers, and answer them quickly.



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