Tuesday 15 May

Then the Lord said ‘Should I hide what I am about to do from Abraham? Abraham is to become a great and powerful nation, and all the nations of the earth will be blessed through him. For I have chosen him so that he will command his children and his house after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just. This is how the Lord will fulfil to Abraham what he has promised him.’

Genesis 18:17-19

Abraham was a friend of God. Abraham had a big part to play in God’s plan to restore humanity; a plan to restore blessing and goodness to the world through a people following Him and His way and ultimately through His son Jesus. God is not going to hide what He is about to do from Abraham and chooses in this moment to reveal his secrets, plans and purposes to Abraham; both the upcoming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and God’s giant big picture plan to rescue and restore humanity. Sometimes God reveals something to us SO THAT WE PRAY. Just after this passage, Abraham pleads with God to spare the city for the sake of the righteous. When God reveals that He is going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, He is setting Abraham up for the act of intercession that follows. God revealed His plan to Abraham so that he would partner with God and pray, boldly and persistently. God wants us to be in relationship with Him, in conversation with Him through prayer and partner with Him as he unfolds His plans and purposes for this earth.

What or who is He putting on your heart to intercede for?

Do it: pray boldly and persistently for God to intervene.

God also chooses to reveal the great plan He had for humanity that He would fulfil through Abraham: becoming a great and powerful nation, blessing all the nations of the earth.

No big deal right? In my work we call that a stretch goal; something that inspires us to think big. However we can not jump straight there. Instead, we need an achievable and realistic way to get there, one step at a time.

What is great about this passage is that God reveals His grand plan for Abraham and his family line. He also breaks it down for Abraham and outlines how he can realistically partner with God to achieve this; through keeping His ways, walking in obedience and directing his children and household to do the same.

I am not saying this was an easy task and we know it did not always go smoothly. However, God wanted to use His people to fulfill His plans. And He still does today! Through Abraham we see God use a man’s obedience, love and leadership over his family to fulfill God’s plans and purposes to rescue the world. Abraham was a friend of God, Abraham was with God and Abraham listened to God. It is within this context that God reveals his plans to Abraham. Psalm 25:14 says ‘The secret counsel of the Lord is for those who fear Him, and He reveals His covenant to them.’

Are you in this kind of relationship with God? Are you spending good quality time with Him? It is here we can ask God to reveal His secrets and promises. Ask Him, wait and listen. He may remind you of His promises that He is faithful, He is true, He rescues, He sees you, He loves you. God may reveal specific plans and purposes for you and your life that will have lasting Kingdom impact.

Be bold, ask Him to reveal these to you. If you find listening and praying for this hard, remember John 16:13: ‘When the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all the truth. For He will not speak on His own, but He will speak whatever He hears. He will also declare to you what is to come.’ Sometimes God reveals big plans or steps of faith He wants us to take. If you feel like God is revealing a plan or a promise that seems overwhelming, remember God is with you and He will help you. He wants you to partner with Him. Ask Him to reveal the small steps you need to take to obey Him, to fulfill His plans. This could mean taking a step of obedience, opening a door, leaving something behind or stepping into a new work / study option. Or God may encourage you to keep obeying, keep trusting and gently guide you to develop your character or make changes to your daily rhythms to help you live the way of Jesus in the everyday, loving your family well, loving God and loving people.

Jamie Crooks


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