Tuesday 17 April

Therefore, you should pray like this:

Our Father in heaven,

Your name be honored as holy.”

Matthew 6:9

When Jesus delivers his Sermon on the Mount, He teaches on prayer after the disciples asked Him how to pray. Jesus’ responds with the Lord’s prayer, inviting us to pray the way he prayed.

During these 50 days of prayer, why not structure your prayers by using the Lord’s Prayer as an example?

1. God, Our Father

The prayer starts by addressing God as ‘our Father’. Jesus’ use of 'Abba' is a term used by children when addressing their fathers. Yet here, Jesus uses it for God, and encourages His followers to follow suit. God our our Father, is the one whom we pray to. When we do, we do so as children of God.

Read over Romans 8:15-17 a few times. Let it sink in that you are a child of God, that we can cry out 'Abba Father'. Then pray as if you are praying like a child to their father.

2. Who’s name is Holy

Secondly, Jesus prays with a Holy reverence for God. He is challenging us to to start our prayers by remembering the powerful name of God, by positioning ourselves in a place where our prayers are honouring our Father. It is not about our wants and wishes, but that the Name of God would be glorified.

In Hebrew culture, honour for the name is the same as honour for the person. Therefore, we should pray that God would be acknowledged and given the honour He is due from His creation.

3. Read:

Isaiah 6:1-4 - Isaiah 57:15 - Psalm 99:5

Revelation 4:8 - Exodus 15:11 - Luke 1:49

Reflect on the declaration of God’s holiness in these verses when you start to pray.

I pray that today, in your prayers, you would remind yourself that God is Our Father, whose name is Holy to be honoured.

Abi Bull


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