Tuesday 3 April

“Now, bring me a musician.” While the musician played, the Lord’s hand came on Elisha. 2 Kings 3:15

As a teenager, I remember always being drawn to the music at church. The melodies, the lyrics, and the presence of God drew me in time and time again, even before I had a relationship with Jesus.

As a worship leader, I have always found that worship enables me to connect to the heart of the Father more than anything else. It captures me and pulls me in close. For some of you, you might feel closest to God through praying and speaking in tongues, for some it might look like being outdoors and taking in the beauty of the world we live in, or for some it could be simply reading the Word of God. God is faithful, and He draws close and speaks to us in different ways.

As Christians, we all believe that God is here. He is present. His Spirit is with us.

However, we can so easily get to the end of our day and forget to even acknowledge that He was a part of it. One of our greatest challenges as followers of Jesus is fighting for the awareness of Him in all that we do.

As we read this verse from 2 Kings, I love that Elisha changes the atmosphere in a moment. Elisha was known has someone who hears from God. He’s done this before.

Could God speak to Elisha without the musician? Absolutely. But I believe he knows what will help him to re-align his focus in this moment and take away anything that is distracting him - so, he asks for a musician. Elisha is preparing his heart. It’s out of this moment with the musician that God speaks through Elisha as he prophecies.

Benjamin Franklin famously said:

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

I want to be more like Jesus in all that I do. I want to spend more time with the Father today than I did yesterday, but to do that I have to choose Him time and time again. I have to act on my desire to hear from God; I have to prepare to succeed. I’m challenged today to look at my routine. What can I do more or less of to ensure that my focus is always on the Lord, that I have a spacious place to hear clearly; giving myself completely to God and navigating my thoughts, words and actions through Him.

Today, plan to succeed as you wait on God to speak. Find something that moves you. Find a different side to His face. It could mean picking up your instrument for the first time in a while, or simply putting on a worship playlist and setting aside time to worship. We must prioritise these moments; slowing down, taking time and being content in waiting.

Prepare your heart and mind today to hear, receive and respond as God speaks to you.

Stephen Mayes


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