Wednesday 16 May

For He has not despised or detested

the torment of the afflicted.

He did not hide His face from him

but listened when he cried to Him for help.

Psalm 22:24

The battle, is not yours. It is His.

Him- who created you, who loves you and who wants you. He, who delivered Israel.

No circumstance is out of reach from His hand.

No circumstance is out of reach from His hand!

Do you know that? Do you believe that?

Or do you think the battle you are facing is: too much, too out of control or too minor for Him?

God hears you. He has not turned His back on you!

He hears the cries of your heart. He understands the depths of your pain, even though it may not feel like that. Do not doubt God’s goodness, and do not doubt His love for you. Because that is exactly what can happen now. We may look at our situation through the perspective of our pain and suffering and we doubt the goodness of the Father and the love He has for us.

Do not do it!

Instead, in the midst of heartache and suffering, cling to Him, really go after Him, pursue Him; these circumstances are not of Him.

That is our ground to stand on!

Jesus is alive and powerful and He is listening to you right now. Tell Him everything.

1. Write it down or voice it out.

Write down or voice out your cry to God. Do not hold back, allow your heart to unfold before Him. He will protect it; your heart, your mind. All of you.

Allow Him in, so He can work in you.

2. Listen

Now it is your turn to listen. Create intentional time in the quiet. God is speaking, meet Him in the silence and solitude. What does He have to say? Write it down.

Keep this rhythm going. He will speak.

Stephany Darling


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