24/7 Prayer


We as a church across four locations, will be passing a torch of intercession for 24 hours a day. 


The vision is to take turns to lift up before God in prayer, our cities and nations in this time of global crisis. Our cry to God is that He would heal our land. We believe that as we rally together in intercession next week, we will undoubtedly see God move in powerful ways! So we invite you to join with us in this spiritual battle, by signing up to a slot in our virtual 24-7 prayer room.

1. Sign up to a prayer slot:

You can sign up to multiple slots throughout the week here if you like. Try to choose a slot that has not yet been filled, as we are trying to organise a continuous, non stop prayer effort. If however the only time you are available is already booked, feel free to also book that slot.  When you are ready to start please check in to our prayer room here.


2. Where? 

Decide where you are going to spend your hour in prayer. In a quiet room in your home? On a prayer walk? Over zoom with friends?


3. Be Intentional:

Set a reminder and be intentional about your prayer time. Cry out to God to heal our land! You can spend your intercession time praying for whichever aspect of the current crisis is most on your heart, whether that is salvation for the lost, support for the NHS, or care for vulnerable people you know. Whether your prayers are general or specific, lift up to God the cries of your heart and ask Him to move!

4. Listen:

Spend time listening to the Holy Spirit, and please share with us any notes of what you hear Him say on our shared prayer journal via this googledoc.

5. Who?

Consider signing up with friends and family. You can book an hour with your BRT group and pray over zoom, or incorporate an hour into your homeschool routine with your kids. This is a great time for individuals, families and friends to gather together and pray.

Intercession Tips

If you would like some help in how to structure your prayer time, you could do something like this: 


  • Start with personal repentance. Ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart and lead you to confess and repent of any way you know you have been off track.

  • Praise God for who He is!

  • Spend time in thankfulness  - acknowledge before God the things you are thankful for, big and small!

  • List any topics you want to pray for, and work through your list, talking to God in your own voice about these things. Ask in faith for His help, and take authority over darkness!  (Salvations, restored families, protection for vulnerable, NHS, Vaccine development, people you know)

  • Listen to the Holy Spirit: ask Him what he wants to say to you, and make notes. Write down any scripture, pictures, senses that come to mind, and don’t over think it. Then pray about what you have written, but asking God if he wants you to share these things with anyone for encouragement. 

  • Think: “What’s the best thing God could do in this time?”. And then to finish your intercession time, ask God in faith for the best case scenarios in all things!

  • Remind God why you think He should answer these prayers.