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Thank you for supporting God's work at Re:Hope financially.

God is generous and He calls us to be like Him.  Giving financially is an act of worship; God is worthy of that worship.

Re:Hope has the practice of giving away the first 10% of our income to God's work, locally and globally.   

Financial accountability

At Re:Hope we are committed to being accountable with our finances, going beyond the minimum the law requires to ensure our processes are transparent and ethical.

Finances are managed by our directors who work with our Financial Administrator in administrating finances and maintaining budgets.  This team is overseen by our elders who ensure finances are re-checked every quarter by someone outwith our director team.  In addition, we work with an independent accountant who helps ensure we are meeting all the legal obligations and that our finances are not misused in any way.

Re:Hope members receive a financial report each year, showing the use of our finances and the proposed budget for the forthcoming year with any necessary explanations.  A copy of this report is available on request.  

Our belief is that the call for followers of Jesus, to be generous and bless others, extends to our own use of what God has blessed us with.  We are careful to give at least 10% of all our income to a variety of other projects, a task with is managed by our missions team.

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