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We are a community
of teenagers rising up to be a generation
who aren't ashamed to follow Jesus

Our weekly teens gathering at 7pm on Fridays at Re:Hope West End.


We're inviting teens into a community to figure out how young people can  follow Jesus well in Glasgow.

Worship | Prayer | Food | Fun | Bible

We're committed to grow more like Jesus through reading the Bible.

Each week we all read the same part of the Bible in our own time.  When our groups meet we're ready share what has stood out to us and pray for each other.

Teens BRT
Fridays | 6.30pm | Re:Hope West End


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Hi, I'm Ruth. I lead the Render team.  I'd love to meet you at Render. It's my job to help create spaces where teenagers can grow closer to God through relational discipleship, teaching and community.

Got any questions or want to know more? I'd love to help.

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