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Becoming a member is a commitment that says I'm 'all in' with the Re:Hope Church family, under the leadership of the elders, senior pastor, and the lead pastor of your location.

We call our members to make 6 commitments.

I commit to loving the people of Re:Hope, our leadership, and those Jesus brings through our doors.


 We commit to conveying our suggestions or disagreements with leadership and one another with grace, kindness, and humility as is proper for God's people.

This commitment applies to loving people who call Re:Hope their church, Re:Hope's leaders, and those God brings to us who are in need of support and encouragement.

Jesus taught that the second most important commandment was to "Love your neighbour as yourself." (matt. 22.39)  "By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." (john. 13.35)


As members of Re:Hope, we commit to loving other people by our attitudes, actions and words.  
I have dedicated my life to Jesus & I commit to continue to grow in my love for God with all my heart, soul and strength.

Jesus taught that the most important command is to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength" (matt. 22.37).  Members of Re:Hope recognise that this includes saying no to temptations and saying yes to holiness. 


Loving God means living how He commands us to live.


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I commit to regularly attending and serving at my local Re:Hope location.

At Re:Hope there are many ways to serve.  Our members serve in ways that meet the needs of the church and make use of the gifts and skills God has given us.

Members don't just attend church; they serve the church. 


It is our commitment to be at church and serving regularly.



Re-awakening starts in our hearts.  As members of Re:Hope, we pursue re-awakening by meeting in small groups to read the Bible together, share what God is teaching us, and pray for each other.

Members value Bible Read Through as a core commission of Re:Hope.

Members prioritise meeting with their group every week (unless ill or out of town, for example), read the whole passage and are prepared to share some things that jump out at you while reading.  Members encourage and pray for the people in their group.

I commit to being a faithful part of a Bible Read Through group.
I commit to prioritising praying together with the people of my church.


We believe God has given our church a specific commission to be a praying people who intercede together for our church, our leaders, our city, and our generation. 

To start our Sundays, we gather to intercede for Re:Hope and our city.


I commit to financially supporting my local Re:Hope location by giving my first and best to the church as an offering.
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The Bible encourages us to cheerful generosity.  With that heart we encourage you, as you feel led by God, to support other good things after you give your first 10% to your church.  Our pastors and all the elders live this way, and our church has the same practice of giving away the first 10% of our income to God’s work at Re:Hope Church.

We know there are many great and godly things to financially support, we encourage you to be generous with the finances God has entrusted you with.  Members choose to follow the example of Abraham, which we do by giving at least 10% of their income directly to Re:Hope to support the church, its ministries, its staff and running costs.

Members believe in the work and ministry of Re:Hope and are highly committed to financially supporting the church and its mission.
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I'm ready

Go all in and become a member of Re:hope.

Learn more

The foundations course is a perfect way to find out more about membership commitments and Re:Hope's structure.

No pressure

Been a member, but know it's time to move on?  We can also help you with that.

Note: Being a member of Re:Hope is not the same as being a member as defined by our Articles of Association

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