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Monday 13 - Friday 17 May

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Each year in the build up to Pentecost, we join together to read the Bible out loud in each Re:Hope location.  

At this time of year, Jewish people celebrate the giving of the law as part of the Feast of Weeks.

Celebrating the giving of the Bible is something Jesus did, and we follow Him in this.

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Sign up for a 1 hour long reading time.  

We'll send you a confirmation email
and an event to add to your digital calendar.

Pick up reading where the person before you finished

It's best to read to the end of a chapter rather than just finish bang on the hour.

Being 5 minutes early is a classy move.  Give yourself some time to get settled, and allow the person before you to get away on time.

Pass on to the next person

When you're finished reading, add the book and chapter that you last read to the chart at the podium.

If you're the last person of the day + need to lock up, you'll get special instructions via email.

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