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Dry Rot

Last January, we discovered a significant dry rot infestation at our Southside location.

Given its age, the building practices in victorian Scotland and the amount of wood in the building, perfect conditions were provided for this fast spreading mould infection.

After investigation, it was clear that water had been seeping through a vulnerability in old leading on a flat roof, soaking the wood and providing ideal conditions for dry rot as the wood dried.

We discovered that the rot had spread to main supporting beams of a ceiling and its rafters, the joists under the sanctuary floor and into the balcony in the sanctuary.


First opening its doors in 1903, God's work has been carried out from our building from before Shawlands emerged from the Shawsbridge townland.

Re:Hope gained ownership of the building in 2019.  It's our desire to give this building the care and attention it deserves to provide a place for the people of Shawlands and beyond to meet with God for the next 110 years and beyond.

We see this project as an investment into the present day health of Shawlands, its people and God's work here in the present and for its future.

On Monday August 28, work started to restore the affected areas of the building consisting of:

Treatment of all dry-rot mould affected areas.

Re-design of roof, including drainage.

Leading to eliminate water vulnerability.

Replacement of rotting timbers.

Plastering and painting walls.

On going work is being funded by the Benefact Trust's Building Improvement Grant, Garfield Weston, Re:Hope Church and its congregation and supporters.


Help care for
our building

If you'd like to contribute funds towards the upkeep and care for this valuable resource God has entrusted us with, we would gratefully receive your financial support.

Contributions can be made via the 2 methods below.  Bank transfers are preferred as they come without a processing fee. 

Giving online via the ChurchSuite giving platform allows contributions to be broken down as smaller recurring donations.

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