Day 3

Updated: Aug 26

“But now bring me a harpist." While the harpist was playing, the hand of the LORD came on Elisha.” - 2 Kings 3:15

As a physics teacher, I know that music can have a very mechanical structure to it. You hit a string or blow into something and depending on how it vibrates, and at what frequency it does so, you hear a note. When you add these various frequencies together you get chords, which in turn can be put together in an almost infinite arrangement to create songs.

However, despite appearing man made, music is an integral part of God's creation and is woven so deliberately into the kingdom of God.

Just like when you buy a new car and then see it everywhere you go, once we start tuning our minds to music in the Bible, it pops up all the time. God loves music and time and time again, just like in today’s passage, music can bring us closer to Him.

This being said, music is not needed for God to speak or essential to hear a word from God, but just like tuning into an analog radio, music can help us tune in to what God is doing or wants to say.

Pre COVID, the Southside worship team practiced during the week. In these practices, we started to incorporate a time dedicated to just playing through a chord progression. Sometimes it would be 5 minutes, 10 minutes or even 15 minutes where we would allow the music to create a space where we could listen to God. It was often in these moments that God would put new songs on our lips and align our hearts with His for the following Sunday. I’ll be honest, if it wasn’t so cold in the Southside building, I would stay in those moments for hours. I believe it was in these spaces I glimpsed what heaven will feel like, where we will join with the angels in singing praises to God.

Music connects us with the Creator.

It’s why we have music in pre-service prayer, during times of intercession and prayer ministry; not to distract us but to focus our hearts and minds on God. It aligns our hearts with the Father by phasing out all other noise and tuning our ears into the frequency of heaven. It’s always playing but we aren’t always listening.

My challenge for you today is to fill your empty spaces with worship music.

During your BRT reading, morning devotional, drive to work, exercise, lunch time, prayer slot, making dinner or going to bed, listen to worship music to help you tune into the Father’s voice. Ask Him for words of encouragement for someone, to bring prayer points to mind, to intercede for your church, city and nation. Let it fill you up like David when he danced shamelessly before the Lord, let it fill you up with joy and let his hand come over you like Elisha.

My prayer is that we become a people who long to spend time in the presence of God and that through this, we are able to hear Him more than ever before.

Jordan Bull


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