Day 1

“What do you want me to do for you?”

“Lord,” he said, “I want to see!” - Luke 18:41

With these words, spoken to the persistent blind man, we also enter into a great invitation; to pray, pray and pray, asking Jesus for what you want Him to do. The people tried to hush the blind man, yet he persisted in calling out to Jesus who responded with this most incredible and life changing question: “What do you want Me to do for you?” As you begin these 40 days of prayer, what is your answer to this question?

What do you want Jesus to do for you?

Three things I want you to consider as you think your way through the above question:

1. Be clear and specific

I believe God loves clear and specific prayers because God loves to be praised. The more clear and specific our prayers are, the more obvious it is when God answers and the more glory He gets as we testify to what He has done for us.

The blind man is clear and specific: “Lord, I want to see!”. Is there a way you can refine your prayer requests to make them more clear and specific? Instead of, “Jesus, help me with my marriage.” Take it further. How do you specifically want Jesus to help you in your marriage? Instead of “Jesus, help me with my work situation”, how do you specifically want Jesus to help you?

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for the big things you really want.

The temptation is to hold back in our prayers because they seem impossible or too unlikely. When you are talking about answered prayers, probability and likelihood are irrelevant. Our God can do anything, at any moment, with limitless power and with legions of angels at his command. Ask for what you REALLY want.

The blind man could have asked a more reasonable prayer such as: “Jesus give me a good attitude as I endure this suffering, this blindness.” Instead, he asks for what he really wants: “I want to see!” A seemingly impossible miracle!

3. Write it down.

As you start your season of prayer, I encourage you to write down your prayers. Sure, the blind man did not, but writing it down is a way to prepare for praising God. Write down your clear and specific prayer requests asking God for what you really want Him to do. Put the date on it. Then, when God answers, you can pull out that card and give public praise and testimony to what Jesus has done for you.

When the blind man is healed, he follows Jesus and glorifies God. This led others to praising God. I urge you, write down your prayers, show them to others and tell them what God did. It will help others to praise God for His specific answer to your big prayer request.

Go for it. I look forward with eager anticipation to a long season of Jesus hearing and answering our prayers so that He is praised. Exciting days ahead!

Brian Ingraham


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