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DAY 12

Over the past couple of years my faith in Jesus has grown because of answered prayers. The first big boost to my faith was being reconciled to my oldest son who I had not seen in 40 years.

I cried out to God and asked him to do the impossible, and he did. I am now reconciled with my son and just last week he introduced me to his family. God is so good! So as my faith grew I was confident to believe that God could provide a flat in Royston just across the square from Re:Hope Royston.

Over the past year, I have been praying with the church for a suitable flat in Royston. The flat I wanted became available, but I was informed I was 7th on the waiting list. The church family and I prayed all the harder and Jasmine Buchanan told the housing association we are praying for the flat to be given to me. Our God does miracles and I got the keys for my new flat on Friday the 11th of August. God has made my dreams come true.

Praise God!


Pat McLean

Re:Hope Royston


Using Pat’s story, or a time you’ve seen God answer a big prayer before, pray with high faith today for your one main prayer request, knowing that God can do it again!

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Jo Andersen
Jo Andersen
03 sept 2023

Aw so delighted to read this Pat! Praise God. 🥰

Me gusta
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