Day 12

Jehoshaphat was afraid, and he resolved to seek the Lord. Then he proclaimed a fast for all Judah - 2 Chronicles 20:3

Fear + seeking the Lord = help.

In this passage, Jehoshaphat has been informed that his enemies are coming, and there are lots of them. He is afraid, as any human probably should be. But he holds a key to unlock himself from this impossible situation. That key is this: seeking the Lord. It’s the simple act of running to our helper, our guide, our comforter, our rescuer and our deliverer.

Think today about how genuinely you seek the Lord. I’ve got a question for you, that I’d like you to ponder. I ask people this question every time I do training on hearing God’s voice. When I ask the question, I want you to pause and see what comes to mind, before reading on.

“Lord, if you were to play a game with me, what game would you like to play?”

Pause. Wait. Write down your first thoughts. Don’t over-think it.

Actually - pause. Don’t read on until you have something written down.

Now look at the game you have written down, and imagine what it would be like to play that with your Heavenly Father. Can you imagine it? Does He feel familiar to you, or does that seem very unfamiliar? Ask Him: “Why do you want to play that game with me?”. Again, after waiting and listening, I am sure God will reveal a very personal message to you about how he wants to spend time with you. Maybe it involves fun, risk, laughing, skill, patience, or energy.

In over 10 years of ministry, the number 1 game I have heard that Jesus wants to play with his people (or so they have told me), is Hide and Seek. It comes up every time we do this, often with multiple people in the room. Why is that!?

I think it’s because God wants to be sought. He is there and He wants you to FIND him. To look. To keep looking. And to not give up looking. I wonder if there are even some people today, who have different expectations of how the Lord wants to play with them, than the game they are actually in. Perhaps some people are treating their relationship with God like it’s “Tig”, and they are wondering why He isn’t chasing. In actual fact, He may be waiting for you to find Him.

Please don’t hear me wrong, I would not say that for our whole lives God only wants to be found and will not chase. I know He chased me all through my teens, in obvious ways. He has chased me on and off at various points in my life, especially in times when I’ve made poor choices.

But I also know that in some of the harder times, I’ve wanted Him to chase me, when he’s actually been saying: “I’m here if you’ll find me.” In a time of fear we all want to be rescued. But I see in the Bible time and time again, people responding to fear with seeking. Jehoshaphat did this and led army to victory. David did this when everyone turned against him, and found strength. Jesus did this when he had been betrayed and his pals had fallen asleep, and He managed to get his heart in line with the Father’s will for his obedience.

When you are fearful, don’t be a victim of your circumstances. Resolve to seek God until you find him, even if that takes weeks. Tell your BRT group, have them pray for you. Ask Him to highlight the truth and guidance each time you read the Bible. And carve out time for worship and waiting.

And when you seek Him, may you find Him and be strengthened.

Ruth Weller


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