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DAY 14

This is a story of answered prayer from Fasting Week. Although the story begins at the end of 2019 when I decided to start looking for another job.

At this point I started looking and I applied for a couple of jobs but then the pandemic hit and everything changed. I was then working from home instead of being in an office and everything regarding jobs felt so uncertain. I felt at that time God was telling me to wait. From this point on, I was writing on every prayer card "guidance/direction for work". I felt I never had a clear answer on this.

Then in October 2022 I got the confirmation that it was time to start applying for jobs again. When Fasting Week came round I decided to fully commit to the five days which I had never done before. On my prayer card this time I wrote "for a new job". After Fasting Week I found out I had been selected for four interviews!

I ended up getting three rejections but then three weeks after the interviews I heard I had been selected for a job!

Prior to the interviews a friend said "I'll pray you get four acceptances". I replied and said "how would I decide?". So they said "well I'll pray for one acceptance". Clearly God answered this prayer and did the deciding for me!

The job I'm in now isn't the dream job but it has room for progression and stability. My colleagues are encouraging and supportive. These were all things I was looking for in a new job. I can see that God has led me here. This wasn't a speedy answer to prayer and there were times of doubt and despondency. However it is a story of preserving in prayer, seeking guidance and trusting in God's timing.

My BRT has been on this journey with me and everyone in the group has seen God answer prayers for work for them. God cares about our work situations so if you have been praying for a while I encourage you to keep preserving in prayer.


Anne Muir

Re:Hope Southside


Is there a theme connecting your prayers with anyone else’s right now? Maybe a friend, or your Bible Read Through group? Pray together today for God to hear and answer your shared prayers!


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