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DAY 15

I started praying in 2020 when I found myself in a place of despair. I felt the sensation that somebody touched me. And everything was calm. I picked up a Bible and flicked through it randomly, alighting upon a verse from Isaiah, chapter 43 verse 19.

Behold I will do a new thing

Shall you not know it?

I will even make a road in the wilderness

I was lost and I felt like God was telling me “I’m building you a way out of this”. I still felt in despair but I knew things would get better. I kept reading the Bible and praying. And every time I prayed I heard a voice saying GO TO CHURCH.

I hated church. It was a lifeless place filled with hypocrites and liars. I was dragged there every Sunday as a child and I vowed I would never go back. But the voice kept saying GO TO CHURCH.

One day, I was out running, listening to Kanye West. I didn’t know any Christian music and Kanye was the only artist I knew who even mentioned God so I used to listen to the “Jesus is King” album on a loop.

I was out of breath and I stopped running. The music was blaring in my ears “from the rich to the poor, all are welcomed through His door”. I looked up and saw Re:Hope in front of me. I ran past Re:Hope every day and never noticed it before. The voice came again: THIS CHURCH.

Not long after that, I joined the Alpha Course at Re:Hope. I was deeply reluctant to go but I really liked it. I missed the Alpha weekend away where we were told the focus would be on “the Holy Spirit”. Sounded a bit weird to me but I watched the videos at home. Nicky Gumbel, in the video, said that if you want to experience the Spirit you simply pray “Spirit, come”. With some skepticism (and a little hope), I said the prayer. And everything changed. I instantly felt drunk even though I was stone cold sober.

I woke up the next morning feeling like a different person. And since then, walking with Jesus, things have got better and better.

I’ve spent most of my life lost in misery and despair. But God led me out of the wilderness. He built the road, like He promised He would.


David Ireland

Re:Hope Southside


Simply, boldly, pray — Spirit come.

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