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DAY 17

In February, my friend and I moved from Birmingham, believing that God led us to Scotland to pursue missions. We started praying towards this in October/November, and that’s when we found Re:Hope. We also decided to book a week in January to spend time exploring Scotland. By December, God graciously provided me a job – everything became very real!

I thank God that we booked a week in Scotland, because that was the only chance to find somewhere to live. It also happened to be Re:Hope’s fasting week so we decided to join in. I was praying for: a house in Scotland in time to start work; a tenant to take over my existing tenancy; a smooth transition into my new job with no loss of pay.

We had one house viewing booked before our trip and we tried hard to get more. By the Thursday, we had the choice of the first house or one other. We had issues securing the second property, so we decided to go for the first property, the one God had provided beforehand! The deposit was paid before we left Scotland.

I advertised my Birmingham room on Christian Flatshare and one person contacted me, the right one! But then our landlord refused to allow new tenants and was withholding a reference for the Scotland property – very stressful. In the end, the letting agent convinced him to let us sublet, but I would still be liable to pay rent and would need to depend on the subtenant paying on time. I trusted God with this, and my contract in Birmingham has just ended without any dramas.

The last hurdle was transitioning into my new job. One of my references and my DBS/PVG were delayed, which kept pushing back the start date. But rather than panic, I was able to feel grateful for the chance to rest and settle into my new home. By the end of the week, everything was sorted, and I started the following week, but I let go of the hope of being paid that month. Thankfully, my new employers were organised, and I was unexpectedly paid, the Lord knows I really needed it!

There are so many more ways God delivered during this process and I’m incredibly grateful. God gave me bold faith to step out and He proved that He is faithful in all things. I know I can trust Him.


Chalcedony Williams

Re:Hope Southside


Are you facing any big or little life changes which present an opportunity to step forward in trust? Take the details of the situation to God again today!

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1 Comment

Jennifer Macdonald
Jennifer Macdonald
Sep 06, 2023


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