Day 17

Your Kingdom come.

Your will be done

on Earth as it is in Heaven - Matthew 6:10

What do you imagine when you think of heaven? Do you think of a Garden of Eden paradise with creation restored to what it was in the beginning? Do you imagine the Revelation images of a glistening city with bejewelled streets and golden gates? Or perhaps you imagine an earthly place you've been where you've felt particularly close to God? Humans are creative, and we often try to create images to help us process the descriptions of heaven from the Bible.

What would you imagine if you thought about God's kingdom coming now? In this city. In 2020. What would you imagine if God's will was done on Earth as it is in Heaven right now?

Today let's allow this imagination to guide our prayers. God's kingdom and His will are beyond our wildest dreams. But may God guide our creative minds to help us glimpse His Kingdom and His will as we pray!

Spend some time today imagining what it might look like for God’s kingdom to come and his will to be done in your life. What would it look like for your family? Your friends? Your work or study? Our church? Our city?

What is the best you can imagine?

Pray into each situation and ask God to make these dreams a reality.

But are we ready for this reality?

The Lord's prayer can be words we've heard and said so many times that we can forget that this is a massive prayer. If God's kingdom was to come fully and his will done on Earth as in Heaven that would change the world.

That's an exciting thought but as we pray these big prayers are we truly ready for that reality? This year has been one of unexpected changes which have often been difficult to accept and adapt to. If God's kingdom coming changed your reality as much, or more than, COVID-19 how would you react?

Spend time lifting up any apprehensions you have before God. Then ask God to fill you afresh with his spirit and excite you for his plans as we pray these big prayers.

May His Kingdom come and May His Will be done on Earth as in Heaven!

Rebecca Trottet


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