Day 18

Give us today our daily bread - Matthew 6:11

I don’t know if you are anything like me but I think that food is pretty great!

I love how God made a whole variety of food for us to enjoy in a wide array of flavours, colours and sizes. God, at the very heart of his creation is creative. Out of nothing he formed and made all things, and as we recall in Genesis he said ‘IT IS GOOD!’


As you start today’s devotional I want to encourage you to slow down and take a moment to look around you.

I don’t know where you are as you read this but wherever you are (unless you are sat in a blacked out room!) there is no doubt an array of colour and texture all around you. Perhaps you can see out of a window and you can see a splash of green from some trees and grass. Maybe, just maybe, some blue peaking through from the sky. Perhaps you’re inside and the room you’re in has an array of colours and shapes and form.

As you look around, start to look for God in all that you see. In all that you so often take for granted why not pause right now and thank God for it. Thank God for the air you’re breathing, for the chair you’re sat in, for the food you’ve eaten today.


As you slow down and thank God for His amazing creation, my encouragement now is for you to consider the ways that God has provided for you.

Think back through recent weeks, the past few months, and reflect on God’s kindness and generosity to you.

As the Israelites fled from Egypt so often their complaint was ‘take us back to what we knew for God you have seemingly abandoned us on this journey’. And yet as we know in the story God is the one who appointed leaders, rescued them, parted the red sea, provided water from a rock and sent bread when they were hungry… bread that fell from the sky!

God is the eternal provider.

Where have you seen God at work in your life?


Life moves at a rapid pace, and these past few months during the pandemic have moved by so fast! In this prayer Jesus teaches us to ask for daily bread — not enough bread to last us a week, not yesterday’s bread, and certainly not last year’s bread.

God has new things for us daily: new opportunities, new mercy, new blessings, new provision, new stories to reveal his faithfulness.

We are invited to ask for this daily bread, so let’s be people who ask!

With eyes wide open to see his creative generosity, remembering where He has faithfully been an eternal provider in the past. And with a bold courageous spirit to ask God for the new that He has for us today.

I encourage you to pray for that daily bread for today.

Go for it today and ask God boldly and with faith to provide for you like he has done day by day before.

Josh Binstead


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