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DAY 18

In 2012 John and I were about to return to Glasgow after 34 years ministering in the North East. We knew that John had a genetic degenerative condition, and in fact he was failing even then. Falling, speech and swallowing difficulties and some brain confusion were becoming frequent. In Aberdeen we had bought a house at a reasonable price before values rocketed.

Having come from working class families and with no-one entering ministry to become rich this could only have been a blessing from God. We had always committed our finances to Him and despite some difficult times we always had 'enough'. So here we were with a goodly amount but with specific needs knowing that John would eventually become house/wheelchair bound.

We had a moving date but there was nothing on the Glasgow market to suit; where would we go? I was checking hourly online when late one night a flat appeared out of the blue! Where did it come from at that time on a Saturday night? We booked a viewing for the Monday and it ticked every box so we put an offer in, only to be told that Glasgow works differently than Aberdeen and they put the asking price below the value to draw people in. Had the true value been given we would not even have seen the property. That night we went to bed praying that God's will would prevail and if He wanted us there we would be and if not He would provide somewhere else.

Two days later our solicitor phoned and said the sellers would accept £30,000 below the valuation if we could manage to up our offer a bit. The property was new on the market and no-one else had seen it so why didn't they wait and see if they could get a higher offer? Of course it was because our Father had prepared it all in advance — He provided the means and the way. Praise His Holy Name!!

Everything was on our doorstep and there is a view of the Campsies which changes with the seasons. John's needs were met with a lift, easy access shower, transport for hospital appointments, and a balcony where he sat for many hours when he was unable to go out. Most of all, our neighbours are wonderful and gave support and assurance through some very challenging times.

John was so thankful that for over 10 years of deteriorating health he was able to still enjoy and find interest in life by just looking out the window. Now on my own I feel safe and secure here.

We often told our story giving all the glory to God as we knew it was He who prepared everything though we were unaware. Trust Him in every thing even when it looks hopeless.

You do not know what He has in store for you or how He will bring it to fruition. Hold on to His promises always especially when things look bleak. His solution will always be for the best.


Johanna Osbeck

Re:Hope West End


Is there something you’re praying for that feels beyond your reach? Let this story raise your faith today and ask God for His miraculous provision!

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Anna Fleck
Anna Fleck
08 sept 2023

Thank you for this Johanna.

Me gusta
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