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DAY 19

Over this past year I have been blessed by seeing many answered prayers in Royston. Seeing people being transformed by Jesus is amazing and great for your faith. God has been doing amazing things in Royston.

However, I want to share a personal answered prayer. One of my best friends was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year and had his prostate removed. A prostatectomy is a major operation and one of the side effects can be incontinence. My friend was incontinent and his consultant said he was disappointed… my friend was devastated! We prayed together and I accompanied him to appointments in Gartnavel. After months of prayer and medical support he was no longer incontinent. Job done? No, unfortunately, the doctors found evidence that the cancer had spread and the outlook was not great. I met with him, and in full of belief, I prayed specifically that there would be no trace of the cancer when the PET scan results were released. I asked the Re:Hope Royston team to pray. Huge faith boost. My friend's PET scan was positive, he no longer registered any PSA and is responding well to his drug treatment.

On the day my friend was getting his results I shared Amos 4:13 with him. "He is here: the one who forms the mountains, creates the wind, and reveals his thoughts to man, the one who makes dawn out of darkness and strides on the heights of earth. The LORD, the God of Armies, is his name."

Praise our wonderful God.

P.S. Men over 50 years old go and get your PSA checked :)


Alan Meldrum

Re:Hope Royston


Pray Amos 4:13 over your main prayer request today!

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Stuart Harvey
Stuart Harvey
08 de set. de 2023

Wow! Thank you for sharing Alan!

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