Day 22

I want to share a story of how God answered my very specific prayers. You may remember we ran Youth Alpha for the teenagers in February of this year. The journey of running this series was an opportunity for me to attentively listen to the Father’s voice, to grow in faith and was a massive reminder that God is concerned with the specifics. I know God’s hand was over every detail of Youth Alpha, every teenager who joined us and over my team who led the sessions. We were due to start Youth Alpha on February 14th but on February 4th we only had 2 sign ups. I felt deflated as I felt the numbers didn’t match the strong convictions I had about what God was doing in the teens during this season. I found myself questioning if I had heard God wrong and began to pray asking “what would you have me do next God?” Throughout my journey of following Jesus I’ve been reminded time and time again unless the Lord’s hand is on my plans I labour in vain as we read in Psalm 127 so I knew without His backing this would fail;

Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.

Psalm 127:1

I felt the Lord telling me I was to go ahead with the programme and to start praying specifically about what I wanted to see Him do through Youth Alpha. I could sense there was a real hunger in the teenagers so I prayed they would be transformed through Youth Alpha. At the time we were reading Intercessor by Rees Howells. I was challenged by the following quote from the book;

The intercessor must become responsible for the prayer that the Holy Spirit gives them. They must ‘pray through’ until the prayer is answered.

I began asking God to increase the number of teens we had signed up with specific numbers and I continued until I saw the answer. First I prayed and asked my team to join with me in praying that the Lord would match the number of teens we had signed up to the number of leaders (5). On February 7th the Lord answered this so then I asked for a two fold increase in the numbers. On February 13th we had 12 teens. Then as a team we began to ask the Lord for 15 teens to sign up. On February 21st which was week 2 of Youth Alpha we had 16 teens signed up. I know these numbers may not seem massive to you but throughout this process I was learning that the Lord heard my prayers and answered, even more than I expected. We saw a four fold increase in the numbers over a space of 3 weeks and I believe this was in direct connection to a word I was given about reaping a harvest through this programme. Not only this but many teens expressed that they felt closer to Jesus as a result of the series and experienced an infilling of the Holy Spirit for the first time. All glory and honour to our God.

I want to challenge you to be specific in your prayers and to faithfully bring your faith- filled requests to the Lord (as we’ve been challenged to do through the prayer series). The enemy will do whatever it takes to stop you from communing and communicating with God so take up your shield of faith to guard yourself against the flaming arrows of lies and deceit. The God of angel armies is on your side, the battle is already won, bring your prayers to God from a posture of victory!


Rachel Mackay

Re:Hope West End

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