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DAY 23

I am currently in a season of waiting for what God has next for me work wise. As I wait on God, I look back at all the times He has answered my prayers and as I share it with you, it gives me faith that He will certainly do it again.

I knew while at university that I was going to specialise in ultrasound once I had qualified as a radiographer. As soon as I could, I applied for a training post in general medical ultrasound. I thought the job was mine.

To my utter disappointment the job went to my friend, who at the time wasn't as invested as I was and just went for it on a whim (I still love her dearly). This set back sent me to God in prayer and I asked God what to do next. Another training post became available soon after but was in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. While this was not in my plan for my career, I felt God say go for it and you guessed correctly, I got the job! Going into the field of women's health was totally a game changer for me and gave me the extra bit of experience that I needed to get every other job that I applied for over my career, which also included general medical ultrasound. God knew what I needed and although I was initially disappointed by not getting the original job, God gave me something much better.

Just over 2 years ago, God sent me on a career path I was not expecting. A lecturing post at Glasgow Caledonian University became available and I was asked to go for it. I felt God literally handing it to me. My prayers at the time were to get me out of the NHS, as the stress of Covid 19 had more of an impact on me than I had thought. My initial joy of a new job and career turned into prayers of: ‘God, I need your help!’

I found my new job extremely stressful as I had to learn so many things, very quickly, and in isolation — as we were still under Covid 19 restriction guidelines. As part of the job I had to gain my teaching certificate and I laid down a lot of things in church I enjoyed serving in to focus on this. The past 2 years have been very difficult. I asked God: ‘what’s happening?’… I just wanted to quit!

In the quiet of listening to God, I heard 3 things.

1. He would be my help and I was to carry on for 2 years to gain my teaching certificate.

2. After 2 years, it would be ok to finish this job.

3. He had something new for me to do after my 42nd birthday.

So I carried on trusting in God. November last, my head of department approached me to start planning my teaching diary for the new academic year. I knew that the year 2023 was my 2 years up! In the meeting, I was debating with God whether to tell her that I wouldn't be starting the new academic year; it was far too early, there were 5 months left. I felt God say to be honourable and tell her, and so I did. I left it up to her as to how and when I finish. After the meeting, fear overwhelmed me and I thought 'what have I done?!', 'it is too early', 'did I even hear right from God about the whole 2 year thing?’… but I kept trusting in God.

My head of department came to me a few weeks later and told me the plan. I was to hand in my notice in January and my last date for work is the 31st of March 2023. I went out of her office crying as the 31st of March was exactly 2 years after I started the job and the very next day was my 42nd birthday. I had heard correctly from God! She could have chosen any timeline but she chose God's timeline! It also meant I was able to finish my teaching certificate.

So now as I wait on God for something new, I am learning that God is my provider and what it looks like to actively wait. I have had many wobbles but I know God is faithful and I look forward to writing the answer to this prayer next time.


Angela Street

Re:Hope Southside


Ask God to help you apply some of your history with Him and/or the truth of who He is and what He has done throughout Scripture to your current prayer need. He doesn’t change, and He can do it again!


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