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DAY 28

It's been six years since we moved to a 21st century building in Glasgow. Since before that time, neighbours have been puzzled about the abandonment and neglect of a flat in the block. The owner had only been seen once, although mail was collected.

People who had lived in the area for years voiced concerns about the welfare of the person, but there were no answers. Officials appeared on the doorstep and asked for information that nobody could supply.

Eventually, after several years a relative turned up and said the flat was to be sold because the owner had passed away, but still there was no evidence of anything changing. As neighbours became increasingly worried about the flat falling into disrepair and causing a serious issue for adjoining properties, the flat next door was sold, and new people were preparing to move in.

At every point through the years when coming and going, I would ask the Lord to effect a change in the situation, but no resolution took place. Finally, I cried to Him to take control of the situation and set myself to seek God for an answer, because by this time it was obvious that a house clearance would be needed.

A few days later we met a man leaving the block of flats who identified himself as a close relative of the previous owner. He said it had taken many years to establish who the rightful owners were and that he would be overseeing the removal of contents from the flat and its sale. Within the week we saw that significant progress was being made in achieving this, which is a huge relief to everyone who lives nearby.

Praise God that He sees situations and is working to resolve them. He has brought a solution to a seemingly impossible long term problem.


Jane Hird

Re:Hope West End


Ask the Lord to speak to you today about a long term problem He wants to see resolved — small, or big. Pray in faith for His will to be done!


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