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DAY 36

Moving to Glasgow has been a bit of a struggle for me in the work department.

In 2020 we moved to the Southside, I got a job and then due to unfortunate events I needed to leave within a year. In 2021 I got another job and within a year was made redundant due to budget cuts.

In 2022 I found myself incredibly frustrated that I was updating my CV for the 3rd time in less than 3 years and having to go through the demoralising search for another new job. I had interview after interview and kept getting denied, or just flat out denied interviews due to my lack of qualifications in Scotland. Knowing that we serve a God who provides, I was still finding myself more and more frustrated with each rejection no matter how much I prayed.

I wanted to find an outdoor nursery to work in, so one Friday morning I googled 'outdoor nurseries in Glasgow'. The first thing that came up was a nursery that I had never heard of or seen on any job searches and they were looking for qualified practitioners. This wasn't an outdoor nursery despite my google search, and I thought, 'let's give it a try with or without qualifications'. At 5:50pm that same day I got a phone call and nearly didn't answer it, but only did because I thought it was the Just Eat delivery trying to find our flat, and lo and behold it was this nursery asking if I would be interested in an interview for the following Monday.

We scheduled an interview for Monday afternoon and I began to pray all weekend. I was getting tired of looking for jobs and even more tired of interviewing. I just wanted a job that I could enter 2023 in and end 2023 in. As I prayed I mentioned something weirdly specific, that I wanted an interviewer to offer me a cup of coffee to make the interview more casual, relaxing and make it seem more like a conversation than an actual interview. On Monday I went in, met the management team and the first thing one of the managers asked me was if they could get me a cup of coffee. I was overjoyed at this simple gesture because not only was it an answer to prayer, but it showed me that God cares for even the smallest of prayers.

I felt that interview went really well and was told I would hear back by the end of the week. Four hours later I received an email with a job offer! Due to my lack of early years qualifications in Scotland they couldn't offer me the position I applied for, but because they were pleased with my interview they asked if I would be willing to accept a different position. To which I eagerly said yes! I entered 2023 in a new job in an industry that I truly have a passion for. God answers the desperate cries for a new job and He even answers the tiny whispers for a cup of coffee.


Keeley Edwards

Re:Hope Southside


Can you think of a ‘small’, specific, prayer like Keeley’s prayer for a cup of coffee, that could go along with your one main prayer request? Pray and ask God to do that today!

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Stuart Harvey
Stuart Harvey
25 de set. de 2023

Love it! Thanks Keeley 😊

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