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DAY 38

When I moved to Scotland I had no idea what I could do here. I was very exhausted, with critically low self esteem, no plans for life, etc. My relationship with God was going through a really difficult period with doubt, misunderstanding and confusion. The first few months all I did was work and work and work. And of course it all got worse.

Until one night when I was just crying in my bed and realising that God is my Father and friend who never let me down. Although this wasn’t my first encounter with God. I’ve been a Christian from my childhood and I’ve had a relationship with him before.

Here my journey has started. I’m still learning how to trust my God in all circumstances, like a child, and I’m still realising how GREAT he is — and this is my answered prayer:

As I said above, I really didn’t know what I could do here in Scotland, but I prayed about it all the time because I believe that God brought me here for a reason. I wanted to study here but as always I had so much doubt and was insecure about my level of language, no qualifications and no money for living here as an independent student. And God just made it on his own for me.

I miraculously received a place on a course (that is a gate for university) that I can only dream of, because I didn’t have any of the qualifications needed (such as additional requirements in arts, level of language). Moreover, I didn't even have to interview, I was enrolled automatically! I can say I didn’t do anything for this — it’s all God.

That is how God showed me that WHEN I AM WEAK AND LOW, HE IS STILL MY PROVIDER.


Kate Viala

Re:Hope West End


Wherever you need God to make a way for you, despite whatever roadblocks or reasons why it feels impossible, pray: God, make my way straight!


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