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The past few years, my biggest prayer request has been for freedom from all my anxiety!

Anxiety was something I struggled with during intense and unpredictable moments — for example, when traveling, public speaking, or during exams. In these moments I physically couldn’t eat without throwing up for days at a time and I would be so shaky and weak that I could barely walk. I had to take prescription medicine to help me keep food in my body.

This was ironic considering God was calling me to be a missionary and teach the Bible! Over the last few years I’ve been intentionally praying against anxiety and praying ‘calm’ over my mind and body. This has been my most frequent prayer request for years.

In September of 2022 I jumped into a staff role at YWAM Kona’s Bible school. Before going back to Kona, I asked the Lord in August to reveal anything he wanted to teach me in this year of staffing. I got this picture of three tall black towers of varying heights that went from the earth through the clouds and into space. I asked the Lord to reveal what they meant. The Lord told me he wanted to deal with any ‘Pride’, ‘Fear’, and ‘Anxiety’ in my life this year. Obviously this is quite an intimidating word!

I think the best way to share about the process of how my anxiety was defeated is through four teachings I did this year (I’ll leave the other two ‘towers’ for later stories!).

My first ever teaching was in October. For this teaching I took my medication and still struggled to eat and not shake!

Then in February I taught for multiple days. I also took my medication for this teaching, but this time I was able to eat normally although I was still shaky.

My third teaching took place in April. I did not take any medication, and besides a few moments of nerves I felt quite calm.

The final significant teaching was in July. I prepped on the plane the day before (not my best moment!) and taught the following morning. I didn’t take any medication and I felt so happy and so excited to be teaching! There were no nerves! After this teaching I reflected on my year and I knew God had done exactly as he promised he would.

Now, a year after receiving that word, I’m traveling the world as a Bible teacher with zero anxiety holding me down. All glory goes to the Lord. The Lord heard my prayers and was faithful to His word. That is who God is. He hears us and He responds.

If there is something crippling you from doing what God has for you, He desires your freedom! God doesn’t like His children walking in anxiety, depression, loneliness, or anything else. The Bible says we can cast all of our worries on Him and that as His children we can walk in joy. This isn’t just a nice idea and these aren’t just nice verses, there is power and freedom in the name of Jesus if you intentionally pray and ask for it.


Emma Ingraham

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Have you any fear in your life stopping you from living in total freedom!? Maybe in connection to your one main prayer request? Give this to God today, pray in Jesus’ name for all fear to go, and ask God to lead you into greater freedom and joy!

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Thankyou God for giving Emma such amazing freedom -- You are beyond describing !

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