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God has always answered prayers so clearly when it’s come to jobs. Over my career, I have had moments where I’ve felt like I’m in the wrong place, yearned for something different and God has provided a change. I’ve had countless examples, particularly the answered prayer to return to Scotland following six and a half years in Cambridge.

So it is with great confidence that I know God has commanded my career to date! However, many of these answers have only revealed one step ahead. I know God does this so that I can give Him the glory and not do it in my own strength.

This year in Fasting Week I again was asking for clarity on my job situation, feeling a need to better utilise the gifts and passions God has blessed me with.

At 9.30am on Monday morning of Fasting Week, God provided a very specific answer! I found out that I would reach the top of my banding sooner than I had expected. This gave the promise of longer term financial provision staying where I was. I knew God was saying, “I’ve got this”, despite my uncertainty.

God has been continuing to answer this prayer, one step at a time. From sermons that felt they were written just for me followed by a faithful response to receive prayer ministry (Proverbs 3:5-6); igniting old passions for new opportunities, to specific words of encouragement from church family, God has been providing answers. It feels like each month when my uncertainty grows, He finds another way to keep me going.

The answer has remained the same (much to my own personal frustration) this year: stay where you are!

When I stop and look around, I can see that God has blessed me with greater capacity outside of work to lead my family well, to step up and serve the church, and handle the physical ailments I carry perhaps similarly to Paul (Galatians 4:12-14).

I share this story of answered prayer as an encouragement. As Jesus tells us when teaching us how to pray, God knows what we need before we ask him. So, and I say this as much to myself as to all of you, it’s worth listening to and trusting those answers, even if it’s not what we want just now. God is preparing the way and making your path straight.


Andrew Young

Re:Hope Southside


What would you love to see God do in your job situation? Pray today that He will bring the answers, change, breakthrough you’re seeking!


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