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I want to thank God for doing something that really did feel impossible. I've been trying to get my drivers’ license for years and it's been one of the most discouraging experiences of my life. I already felt that I started late compared to others my age and then it was like every possible obstacle came up in front of me:

My driving instructor losing his license, a move abroad, having a test on the day we entered lockdown, getting a test post-lockdown but the examiner having covid, moving to a new city and then a period of unemployment making it too expensive to continue. Every setback felt like a sign that driving wasn't for me.

This summer, I felt God telling me to give it another shot. I found a test in my hometown and went back for a month to prepare. God provided a wonderful instructor who prayed with me during lessons and on the day of the test. A week before the test, I found out my job was being made redundant and it felt like just another thing telling me to stop. But God provided me with so much peace: from His word and through friends and family (who I hadn't even told about the test). I'm prone to anxiety and catastrophising but God held me and all the anxiety I'd experienced before melted away. I passed with two minors and I know it's only because of God.


Hannah Ekekwe

Re:Hope West End


Have you an ‘impossible’, maybe multi-year, challenge that comes to mind as you read this? Bring it back to God today and ask for new faith to face it and help to overcome!


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